Big flavour, versatile


Coffee For Getting Stuff Done

One of our most popular Specials, Torero is a serious coffee. It’s definitely an OTM (On The Move) blend, coffee for when you’re out and about, getting stuff done but it works equally well in any environment. The flavour is big and immediate, it’s strong in caffeine and it’s delicious any way you serve it. Whether you drink it black, white, espresso or long, Torero always delivers its flavour.  If the truth be told, we based this coffee on the espresso we used to drink al banco in a fantastic little  bar in Milan when a friend lived there around the turn of the century. It’s a long time ago but the flavour was so memorable we blended, cupped and tasted until we got it right. Torero is definitely our go-to coffee when we haven’t time to sit down.

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Brilliant Any Way, Anywhere

What makes Torero so special and so versatile? The beans for this Special, as always are top notch and roasted to order. There’s a high-grown Honduran that’s harvested early, when the cherries have just turned from orange to red, there’s a first-rate Brazilian to give it more smoothness and to make it amenable to milk, and there’s a smaller, darker Mexican bean that gives it the jolt of flavour that we love. We use a very esoteric roasting technique on the Honduran that hardly anyone uses any more. Greenbean’s Head Roaster was instructed in this technique by an old Italian roaster nearly 30 years ago and he has kept it to himself ever since. You’ll definitely taste the difference.

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Big flavour, versatile

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