Sweet Sorrento
Smooth, Italian influence


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Sweet, smooth and strong, gourmet coffee blend

Sweet Sorrento won two gold stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards. The judge’s commentary was:

Lovely crema and very light, silky and refined without milk.Add the milk and the caramel sweetness sits on your tongue giving warm chocolate notes. A silky tongue filler.

Sweet Sorrento is smooth and sweet with a pleasing bite in the finish. On the nose it is smooth, rich and sweet but in the cup, the smoothness is complimented by a subtle caffeine kick towards the end. The bite comes late in the taste notes, adding considerable length to the finish and letting the flavour linger in your mouth for a few seconds longer. Despite its smooth taste, Sweet Sorrento is relatively strong in caffeine, making it a very versatile blend, ideal as either a morning or evening coffee.


Sweetness and Strength

The carefully selected origins, high grown coffee beans from Ecuador and larger, fruitier beans from Brazil and Bolivia are only part of Sweet Sorrento’s flavour story; the real secret is in how one of the origins is roasted. Pat Grant of Greenbean Coffee Roasters did some business with a Dutch coffee roaster in Frankfort many years ago and this old expert gave him a very valuable tip. The main coffee bean in Sweet Sorrento is roasted not once, but twice, to remove the acidity in its taste but leave the sweetness and the strength. We roast the green beans for a set period at a particular temperature and leave it to sit and cool overnight, loading it into the roaster again the next day to finish the process. This is what gives Sweet Sorrento coffee its characteristic sweetness and strength. You can learn a great deal in a few minutes conversation with the right person.

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1 review for Sweet Sorrento
Smooth, Italian influence

  1. Alan O’Neill (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee. Have tried the Oromio too and really liked it black but I think this is better with milk.

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