Sumatra Storm
Complex, rich and smooth


Everyone loves the silky smoothness

Sumatra Storm delivers on every level. It has depth and body with complex taste notes, yet it’s a real crowd-pleaser too. Everyone will like this, even your maiden aunt who only has a coffee the odd time will like this, yet the most discerning coffee  aficionados you know will be impressed too. It’s that good!  It works just as well black as it does with hot or cold milk, it’s perfect as espresso and great as a longer drink too.  The complexity and depth appeals to coffee fanatics like ourselves whereas absolutely everyone loves the smoothness and the silky body. There’s enough caffeine to satisfy the twitchiest coffee fiend, yet it won’t keep you up all night. The origins are roasted only to order so it will reach you fresh and in perfect condition every time.




Deep rich flavour

The rich, rich, deep flavour of the high-grown Sumatran Arabica combined with the silkiness of the body are this Special blend’s defining characteristics. The flavour is upfront and to the fore, you’ll get it right away. Absolute insistence on only the finest beans means that the quality reveals itself straight away and yields a full-of-the-mouth taste and aroma that lifts your spirits immediately. A tendency towards a slight sweetness in the finish is kept in check by the touch of cedar from the bright little dark Mandheling beans. The Sumatran process, the Giling Basah, is what gives this coffee it’s great length, and the consistency in the finish. All in all, this is a beauty. Coffee aficionados love it for its richness and depth, but even casual coffee drinkers will notice something special in the flavour. If this is the first coffee you’ve ever bought from us, you really are in for a treat. 

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Complex, rich and smooth

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