Mocha Rich
Rich, complex, long finish.


Coffee for Connoisseurs

Mocha Rich is one of our favourite blend here at Dreambeans but we know that it isn’t to every taste; it was never intended to be a crowd pleaser. In sourcing, roasting and blending the beans, we deliberately set about creating a connoisseur’s coffee that didn’t compromise on taste, aroma or complexity to suit the expectations of the mass market. We wanted to create a blend that would (a) be absolutely the very best coffee available, and (b) suit the prevailing water supply in Britain and Ireland. We understand that taste is subjective and that every palate is different, so just this once, we designed a coffee exactly the way WE wanted it and waited to see what other people’s reaction would be.

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Secret blend, special beans

We are happy to say that Mocha Rich has garnered a loyal and enthusiastic following. We’re also delighted to report a happy coincidence in that it works wonderfully well with milk, because it was never designed with milk in mind and no milk was used in tasting or testing. We always drink it as espresso. The taste is rich, rich, rich. It is a dark and complex coffee that delivers every last possible iota of flavour, aroma and bite without ever crossing the line into bitterness. There is depth and acidity in the body notes,  but no hint of bitterness. We’re very pleased with this. The mouth feel is smooth and rich and the flavour lingers long in the mouth. The beans and origins are a secret. It’s 100% Arabica but that’s all we’re saying. Sorry.

If you like coffee, you should try Mocha Rich. It’s pretty special.

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Rich, complex, long finish.”

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