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Rich, dark and delicious


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Rich, dark gourmet coffee

Our French Roast coffee is not as dark in colour as some French blends but it has all the big flavour and aroma you would expect from a French roast, with a subtlety in the finish that you just don’t get from other roasters. We generally don’t dark-roast coffee at all. To our thinking, it is far too simplistic to let the roaster run on for a few minutes longer or to crank the temperature up a notch after the first bean crack. This will give you the distinctive taste of a classic French blend all right, but it destroys all the subtleties in flavour and the underlying taste notes that really make coffee such a pleasure. Dark-roasting or over-roasting can hide some flaws in poor quality or mediocre beans, this is why it’s so commonplace, but it can also damage the delicate flavours and the wonderful complexities of great coffee. Our French Blend coffee is every bit as strong and as rich as any French blend on the market, but with more sophistication and intensity of flavour than any dark-roasted blend. We guarantee it. 100% Arabica.

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The finest French blend

Our French Blend coffee’s origins are Arabica from Central America and South America. In dry seasons we seek out bright, clean pulp-natural beans from selected small growers in Heredia and Tres Rios in Costa Rica. In wetter years, “Strictly Hard Bean” (SHB) grade coffees from the high plantations of Guatemala suit our French Roast better. Bourbon Santos beans from Brazil round out the blend, leaving it more amenable to milk and the milk based coffees we drink in Britain and Ireland.

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Rich, dark and delicious”

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