• French Roast
    Rich, dark and delicious


    Rich, dark gourmet coffee

    Our French Roast coffee is not as dark in colour as some French blends but it has all the big flavour and aroma you would expect from a French roast, with a subtlety in the finish that you just don't get from other roasters. We generally don't dark-roast coffee at all. To our thinking, it is far too simplistic to let the roaster run on for a few minutes longer or to crank the temperature up a notch after the first bean crack. This will give you the distinctive taste of a classic French blend all right, but it destroys all the subtleties in flavour and the underlying taste notes that really make coffee such a pleasure. Dark-roasting or over-roasting can hide some flaws in poor quality or mediocre beans, this is why it's so commonplace, but it can also damage the delicate flavours and the wonderful complexities of great coffee. Our French Blend coffee is every bit as strong and as rich as any French blend on the market, but with more sophistication and intensity of flavour than any dark-roasted blend. We guarantee it. 100% Arabica.
  • Jaggy Loko
    Rich chocolate and malt taste

    Jaggy Loko is a very special coffee. Don't take our word for it, the judges at the Great Taste Awards, the most prestigious of all coffee awards gave it two gold stars in 2019, saying: "Good looking beans, individual varieties seem to have been roasted separately. We tasted it as espresso then with milk and the rich fruitiness is suddenly developed. Such a good chocolatey, malted biscuit finish.  You set out to create a great flat white and that's exactly what you've done."
  • Sweet Sorrento
    Smooth, Italian influence


    Sweet, smooth and strong, gourmet coffee blend

    Sweet Sorrento won two gold stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards. The judge's commentary was: Lovely crema and very light, silky and refined without milk.Add the milk and the caramel sweetness sits on your tongue giving warm chocolate notes. A silky tongue filler. Sweet Sorrento is smooth and sweet with a pleasing bite in the finish. On the nose it is smooth, rich and sweet but in the cup, the smoothness is complimented by a subtle caffeine kick towards the end. The bite comes late in the taste notes, adding considerable length to the finish and letting the flavour linger in your mouth for a few seconds longer. Despite its smooth taste, Sweet Sorrento is relatively strong in caffeine, making it a very versatile blend, ideal as either a morning or evening coffee.
  • Tiger Paw
    Clean, bright, beautiful

    Clean and bright with zero bitterness If you like your coffee clean and sweet with a bright tang and enough acidity to give it a decent bite, Tiger Paw is the blend for you. The Strictly High Grown (SHG) Yirgacheffe beans respond best to a medium roast which protects the high tone and complexity of the coffee. It's great to drink either with milk or without. Tiger Paw is very versatile in how it can be brewed and it lends itself particularly well to brewing in a French press or pour over but you should give it about a minute longer to brew than normal to get the most out of it. Also, paper filters can tend to pull the finest notes of the volatile coffee oils out of this blend so avoid if you can. Enjoy. It's a real treat.
  • The Best Decaf Coffee We've Ever Tasted

    We were never really fans of decaffeinated coffee until we found this amazing Mexican bean in 2012. Every other decaf coffee we ever tried left us cold; it just couldn't compete with regular coffee. So why is Decaf Dream so good? We're not really sure, to be perfectly honest. We think it's just a happy accident of terroir, treatment and natural selection. The coffee is grown at high elevation (like very many great coffees), it isn't harvested any differently and we don't really treat it very differently in the roaster, but the results are just amazing. After a fairly straightforward medium roast at medium to low temperature, it tastes just like a top grade bean with full caffeine, it has great length, the mouth feel is terrific and it even has a great crema from an espresso machine. It's a real find and it has opened our eyes to how good a decaf coffee can be. Now, we drink it late at night and we especially love it with a drop of Baileys, brandy or even a nip of whiskey after dinner
  • Cafe Supremo
    Rich and chocolatey


    Great Rich Coffee Blend, Best With Milk

    The base notes of the Cafe Supremo blend are best described as rich and chocolatey; unsurprising, given the fine quality Brazilian origins of its main component. The complexity in the body and the length of the finish are provided by selected high grown beans from Nicaragua and Ethiopia. These beans that give the coffee its unique accents and rich mouth-feel are roasted a few degrees lower than most beans, and cooled immediately to enhance and lock the flavour in. All in all, Cafe Supremo is a great blend of finest grade coffee beans for milk-based coffee in particular, although it works fine as espresso on its own.  
  • Out of stock

    Deep, rich flavour


    Morning and Daytime Coffee. Drink with milk or drink it black.

    Smooth and rich with enough strength to keep you moving all day long. Really great black and very good with milk. Good for coffee aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Ethiopian, Sumatran and Brazilian Arabica origins. Beautiful, bright Sidamo beans from Ethiopia form the backbone of this great blend. It's got something for everyone. Coffee purists love the the subtleties in the taste notes, casual coffee drinkers will appreciate its silkiness and the smoothness of its taste. Like all our Specials, it's roasted to order so it can take a few days for delivery but we promise you, it's worth the (short) wait. 100% Arabica 500g and 1kg
  • Out of stock

    Big flavour, versatile


    Coffee For Getting Stuff Done

    One of our most popular Specials, Torero is a serious coffee. It's definitely an OTM (On The Move) blend, coffee for when you're out and about, getting stuff done but it works equally well in any environment. The flavour is big and immediate, it's strong in caffeine and it's delicious any way you serve it. Whether you drink it black, white, espresso or long, Torero always delivers its flavour.  If the truth be told, we based this coffee on the espresso we used to drink al banco in a fantastic little  bar in Milan when a friend lived there around the turn of the century. It's a long time ago but the flavour was so memorable we blended, cupped and tasted until we got it right. Torero is definitely our go-to coffee when we haven't time to sit down. Temporarily unavailable due to roasting restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apologies.